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BVJ Company, Inc. has been in business for over thirty years and is focused on providing high quality software solutions and services to our customers.
The knowledge, experience, and longevity of our staff are a vital component of our success.

Our development services are provided under a Corp-to-Corp (C2C) long term contracts.
Our current contracts are based upon a monthly retainer fee and we will provide up to 20 hours a week of software development for that retainer fee.

Recently, we are providing database driven web-based application development and maintenance services for a company that leases and maintains
real estate applications for a number of corporate level real estate companies.

Each real estate company makes the applications available to all their office level franchisees in order to improve and maximize each office's business.
The following applications are provided:

  1. Consumer Complaint System,
  2. Business Planning System,
  3. Financial Benchmark Study System,
  4. Agent/Broker Recruiting System,
  5. Office Level Scorecard System,
  6. a Virtual Chief Operating Officer System,
  7. and a Global Reporting System.
All applications use databases that are populated via token based authorization restful API calls.
All applications also use Single Sign On (SSO) restful API calls.

In the past BVJ Company, Inc. provided database driven web-based application development
and maintenance services for a company that wrote insurance policies for homes, auto, dealers, business
and contractor policies. The applications included:
  1. Account Credit for bundled policies,
  2. Pre-Renewals,
  3. Automatic Renewals,
  4. Claims Systems,
  5. and various reporting systems.
The applications access historical information from RMV and Lexis Nexus Systems,
As well as in-house policy databases.

Grant BVJ Company, Inc. access to your computer environments, languages and documentation and we can make applications on your system do what you want them to do.

BVJ Company, Inc. personnel have been major contributors on one or more customer projects for the following companies.
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Specialized Projects

Tekeshe Foundation Tele-Medical Mobile App System
Concord Group, Inc. Various Insurance Based Software Development Projects
Cornerstone Software Incorporated Leasing software development and new software evaluation
Fidelity Investments Investment Literature Distribution and Management System
CaLLogix Various Call Center Software Projects
Family Education Network
Division of Pearson Education
QuizLab II: Teachers' Quiz Lab Migration Project
Budweiser Wholesale Distributor Wholesaler & BVJ Retailer Viewer Application Project
Baumer Electric
St. Jude Medical

Haden International
Various PDM (Product Data Management) Projects
Corporate Software & Technology Web Based Subscription Management System
Baan Engineering:
Dassault Electronique
Enovia PM to Baan ERP Gateway Project
Digital Equipment Corporation:
Sandia National Laboratories

General Dynamics
Various Software Development Projects
Wang Labs Various Software Development Projects
Sanders Associates Patriot OTT (Operator/Tactics Trainer)
MIT Lincoln Labs Various software for the Infra-red Radar Project
Raytheon Various software development projects for the Patriot SAM-D Surface to Air Missile Defensive system

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