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The background of BVJ's founder, Bruce A. Bednarski, is varied and diverse and includes working as a Senior Software Developer for CaLLogix developing software for their call center in NH.

In the capacity of Senior Software Developer, Bruce had the following responsibilities:

  1. Improved the performance of a daily SQL Server 2000 daily batch job from over 4 hours to under 5 minutes
  2. Developed a web application to allow clients to self-register thus saving time and money
  3. Developed an on-line billing system with the ability to see call reports saving billing and reporting time
  4. Developed an application to collect information on company assets
  5. Developed an outbound calling application for replacement workers using union rules
  6. Ported SQL Server Databases .NET web services and web applications from VA to NH
  7. Enhanced existing web applications and database data models to help operator and administrators to better utilize the information

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