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Project Objective

The background of BVJ's founder, Bruce A. Bednarski, is varied and diverse and includes working as a consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation to lead a team of five developers to work on the data models, database and object methods of a document management system, Compass, being developed for a large aircraft project of General Dynamics. Bruce developed a design that would layer three major data models, ATIS - the database model, CAxATF/Plus - Digital's Process Control and Configuration Management Data Model, its first implementation and General Dynamics' PDM - Product Data Management System consisting of 3 breakdown structures: functional requirements, system design and assembly instructions.

The objective of this project was to design and develop a large application that would be used to manage all documentation, drawings and manufacturing assembly processes required for the design and manufacture of a modern jet aircraft.

The challenge was to apply the emerging technology in object oriented data model design to layer and separate the data model and methods into manageable components. There were three major layers of data models, each with their own purpose and function.

Process Flow

The users would enter all requirements in manageable units into the system under a project for the enterprise. The designers would then decompose the aircraft into its various systems. In the process, they would also identify the breakdown of functions within the systems and tied the information back to the requirements. As the design progressed various documents, drawings and review reports would be generated and added to the system with the appropriate relationships identified. As the design under went revision, the system would allow checkout and revision of the objects, documents, drawings and reports which in turn would be subject to review processes.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing engineers would begin the process of taking the lowest levels of the design breakdown and identify the order and processes required to manufacture and assemble the components into their various subsystems and what types of tests would be required to verify that the assemblies match the requirements. These assembly breakdowns (or buildups) and associated documents and drawings would also be reviewed and revised.

Comments from Digital Consulting Engineer and Upper Management

"Looks like your persistence and dedication are beginning to break through the logjams encountered in using CDD+. ... I would like to spend some time with you reviewing your overall impressions of this process in order to prepare myself for the first meeting of the ATIS review board. ...
Thanks, Rich"
-- Digital Consulting Engineer - one of the developers of CAxATF/Plus Data Model.

"Congratulations on getting the data model loaded! Very few people would have stuck to it the way you have.
Thanks, JCR"
-- Digital Principal Engineer

"I just received this note of appreciation from Bill Wehring. ... you have done an excellent job of working with CTC and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. It is people like you who are a credit to the IE group and reflect the best of all of us. Thanks for your outstanding efforts. ... a solid job in this whole area.
-- Senior Manager at Digital

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