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The background of BVJ's founder, Bruce A. Bednarski, is varied and diverse and includes working as a Database Software Engineer to Conerstone Software, Inc. developing software for the folowwing:

  1. Installed, configured and evaluated open source bug tracking software on a Debian Linux / Apache virtual server
  2. Ported license key generation software in MS Access to Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL / Subversion / Capistrano
  3. Developed Common Login Validation RESTful Web Server using Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL / Subversion / Capistrano lead a team of 3-5 developers
  4. Developed a Heath Saving Account Web Page using Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL / Subversion / Capistrano
  5. Prototyped a Web Calendar application using Stripes and converted it to Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL / Capistrano
  6. Maintained the EaglePro Asset based leasing software SQL Server 2005/2008 databases with 258 tables, 146 explicit relationships, many more implicit relationships, and over 480 stored procedures
  7. Improved performance of EaglePro UI C# .NET and SQL Server databases VSS / PVCS Tracker
  8. Developed search down boxes for the EaglePro UI C# .NET VSS / PVCS Tracker
  9. Prepared a 111 page Transfer of Information EaglePro Data Model Document and 128 page power point slide show for 2 parts of a 10 session web-ex customer training class

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