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The background of BVJ's founder, Bruce A. Bednarski, is varied and diverse and includes working as a consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation on a number of projects:

The M3 Middleware Project: On this project, Bruce develop middleware software in C++ between a master Digital Alpha Server and 32 local NT servers worldwide. The purpose of which is to deliver software and data to 13,500 client PCs and to collect, process and present to help desk personnel via an ASP/SQL Server web application both state and exception report information from those client PCs.

A Web-based Proposal System was developed to enable Digital proposal writers to submit their proposal documents and to search either by keywords in an SQL Server Database or by content using MS Index Server for similar proposals that deal with their current projects. Thus, allowing them to remotely share information with other writers.

A Business Manager's Workbench project was developed to collect and process both revenue and certified order information, storing it in an RDB database containing a data warehouse data model and then rolling the information up along various dimensions using MS Access to prototype RDB SQL stored procedures. The process also included developing a pivot table of year over year, month over month and week over week to show current over last year comparisons. Thus, enabling business managers to make better decisions on current and future product directions.

A Sales Workbench project was developed to provide over 2000 sales people worldwide with information on their customers including pricing agreements (stored in an RDB database) and on product information including configuration constraints (stored in an Oracle database) to allow the sales people to configure and customize a customer computer system on their laptops using a C++ and POET database containing information on their customer and to allow them to send the custom configuration to order fulfillment systems.

Bruce not only designed the data models in all the databases: RDB, Oracle, and POET but also tuned the databases and developed C++ software to load the POET database.

Bruce A. Bednarski held a major responsibility in the role of Chief Architect, leading a team of five developers in the development of the Open Data Manager Project. Bruce also installed an evaluation version of ODM at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to enable integration of other PDM systems, at Bechtel in Mclean Virginia to manage all the documentation for a large construction project and at Merck in Rahway, New Jersey to develop a compound document for a New Drug Application.

Bruce A. Bednarski lead a team of five developers to work on the data models, database and object methods of an Aircraft Document Management System, Compass, being developed for a large aircraft project of General Dynamics. Bruce developed a design that would layer three major data models, ATIS - the database model, CAxATF/Plus - Digital's Process Control and Configuration Management Data Model, its first implementation and General Dynamics' PDM - Product Data Management System consisting of 3 breakdown structures: functional requirements, system design and assembly instructions. The objective of this project was to design and develop a large application that would be used to manage all documentation, drawings and manufacturing assembly processes required for the design and manufacture of a modern jet aircraft.

Bruce A. Bednarski developed the Command Line Interface, containing robust commands, not only to add data and relationships but also to generate several customizable reports utilizing parameters and switches, for the Product Information Management System (PIMS), that stored all the information, documents and drawings in order to ease the development and manufacture of a large and complex computer, the VAX 9000. The information was created and used by the design team and was also accessed and used by the manufacturing team. This project represented a bridge between engineering and manufacturing.

Project to develop test packages, regression test and test procedures in Bliss and PL/1 and exercise them to test the Digital's first dual processor computer, the VAX 11/782.

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