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Project Summary

The background of BVJ's founder, Bruce A. Bednarski, is varied and diverse and includes working as a consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation designing the data models in all the databases, RDB, Oracle, and POET, tuning the databases and developing C++ software to load the POET database for the Sales Workbench project. This project was developed to provide over 2000 sale people worldwide with information on their customers including pricing agreements (stored in an RDB database) and on product information including configuration constraints (stored in an Oracle database) to allow the sales people to configure and customize a customer computer system on their laptops using a C++ and POET database for each customer and to allow them to send the custom configuration to order fulfillment systems.

Project Objective

Provide information to sales people on:

All from my laptop PC at a customer site away from a phone connection.

Process Flow

Obtain information from legacy systems (called legacy not because they may be phased out but because they are existing systems we have to work with) on a weekly basis:

Enter the data into two Corporate Databases:

Provide a workbench desktop PC application in Visual Basic to allow Product Profile Engineers to design Product Offering and Layout Corporate Catalogs. It will also allow other people in each country to perform language specific translations of the product information. The corporate server will be able to support up to 50 such workbenches accessing the corporate databases.

On a weekly basis extract information that the engineers and translators have flagged as ready to be sent to the sales people. The information that has changed is then compressed and broadcast over high speed computer networks to three area servers (Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific). From these servers information flows to territory servers.

Next, A sales person can accessing the client software on their laptop written in Visual C++, request certain catalogs, products and customer information. These requests are placed in a store and forward queue awaiting the next dial up connection to the territory server. Usually, planning ahead on a weekly basis identifying what customers they plan to call on and what types of products those customers are likely to have an interest.

The most up to date information based upon sales people requests are downloaded into there laptop next time they dial up their territory server. The information is parsed and stored in an object-oriented database on the PC (POET).

At the customer site, the sales person can show the customer information on the products and current prices. They can configure a customized offering for that customer and have the laptop publish a quote based upon current business agreements and quantity price breaks. They can easily change the configuration and recalculate the price. After obtaining a purchase order number from the customer they can send the order to the order fulfillment systems again in a store and forward mode.

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